A dress story

dress small2I can’t decide if I’m pretty or odd. Maybe both. I tried to look up my ancestry, but am a bit confused. I can’t find too much written about me. My label reads “Kroshetta By Papillon.”

Let me tell you a little something about my life.

Someone I’ve tried to forget took me to a consignment shop. I think I was taken out of the closet three or four times in that life. Once I got my outer self snagged on a chair railing. The last time worn, my previous owner thought her stomach a bit too round to wear me. That’s how I ended up in the shop in the first place.

It’s not fair to say that I was abused, but I can’t say that I was treated with much respect. After being worn, I was dropped on a closet floor and kicked to the side until a delicate washday. That didn’t come around too often. Yes, if truth were told, I did my part to make my original owner feel less than beautiful when wearing me. I knew I was destined for a better life.

My newest owner was browsing for something “resort casual” in that same consignment boutique with a day to spare in her search. Turns out that I was themed pretty well for an evening at Margaritaville Beach Resort in Hollywood, FL. I am a lovely blue color and have starfish in my crochet design.

Are those deep scalloped edges on the bottom a bit much? I’ve been sensitive about them, as my former owner mentioned she might chop them off to make the dress a bit more conservative. A vintage dress, for sure, I ride the current trend of making a statement, but am not too over the top. A low front perhaps, but you could never call me vulgar.

I’m the kind of dress that nobody else has. We had an interesting first date, my new owner and I. The night was a windy one on the 11th floor, bar/balcony of the hotel. Pieces of lettuce flew by the other guests like confetti on New Year’s Eve. Drinks were tossed about as if in gale force winds. Fortunately, my weight and length kept me down securely.

There was one positive compliment, and one comment about the dress looking comfortable. What does “comfortable” mean anyway? I hope that’s good. My under-slip is a lighter blue and smooth against the skin. The color matches her blue eyes well. Yes, I think we were an excellent match that night.

The big test will be if she chooses me again. Where will I hang in the closet? Will I be placed in the front as a favored piece of art to trigger memories of an excellent adventure? Will her 20-something daughters ever ask to wear me? It’s a new closet, and a new life. Anything is possible.


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