My friends say “Let’s go!”

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I don’t have anything profound to accomplish. I’m pretty well through making a mark in my career. My daughters are out in the working world. The holidays are over, and the small respite from life’s continuum is over. What’s next?

“My journey” is what echoes in my brain. That was the undone thing this past year. I didn’t get to West Virginia and I really wanted to. I didn’t have a specific place or town in mind. Seeing the mountains from somewhere within that state is a goal.

It’s funny to think that a trip so simple could have been delayed. It’s not as if I need money to go on a two-week trip to Italy or a week’s cruise to the Caribbean. My flannel shirt hangs on my closet door, and my trusty Timberland boots are itching for a walk.

Not so many years ago I would have chosen a very rural backdrop for a travel focus. These days, the security of having people around me is more comforting. Some music, a walk along a river, a little shopping and a nice restaurant over a long weekend would be sweet. It would get me past the sense of having deprived myself of a trip.

What lies past a trip to the mountain state? I have three weeks vacation time. I’m not certain, but I’m sure my wearable companions will remind me in good time.