Finding time to blog

Most of us have very little free time. Checking in with this loved one means that we’ve chosen not to reach out to someone else. Former colleagues slip away from us, and many extended family events are a blur in our minds. Yet many of us, including me, find time to communicate with people we have never met. And it is infinitely satisfying. It’s a paradox I took some time to consider today.

We continually combine what we’ve experienced or learned and add it to our previous take on the world. What we feel is important to share comes out in the spoken word, the written word or a graphic. A drive for many of us is to put forward something of value and see if it resonates with others. Has it hit a universal chord or added to a conversation we should be having?

Our thoughts and offerings do make a difference to others. The blogging world gives us a chance to share what we love with others who appreciate similar thoughts and aesthetics. It would be a rare thing for one’s family to really care much for what drives deep thoughts in a blogger. I’ve learned it’s better not to share with personal friends and family what I’m up to.

Blogging may be one of the best uses of your time. It helps you crystallize your truth and relevance and then share with others. In sharp contrast to today’s political climate, we have a chance to speak with civility, humility and boldly believe words can blaze paths and heal wounds.