Hallowing the pumpkin

FullSizeRender(1).jpgFirst the top
Then the inside
Scooped pulp
Seedy strands

Taped design
Creased folds
Pin pricked lines
Saw tooth cuts

To d├ęcor
From gourd

Deliver us
From evil
All hallows eve
The communion
Of saints

Should we celebrate
You ask me

Putting on
The full armor
Holy spirit
Protect us
From darkness

Sacred and secular
Dark and
Truth in

The punctured orb
Reveals light
In the dark

Pumpkin carved by Joan and Lana Mocco

The wind and the hut

What protection
Is a hut
From the giant wind

What powers
Can hold back
This muddy bank

The child
Sits close to
The mother

The father
Stands guard
For the flood

Trees sway
Mud creeps
And hearts race

Chance or fate
Nowhere to run