Orange obsession

orange-shoe-2I noticed orange a few weeks ago. It was the first color I was aware of one morning with the early light. It’s the only color I see now when I look at clothing. The placemat in the restaurant last night was orange. I went to pull out some chai tea this afternoon and discovered that it was orange tea instead. I didn’t realize it until I tasted it. Drawing and painting with a new gift — watercolor pencils — I couldn’t resist the beautiful orange pencil. Now I see that the paintbrush to apply water is orange as well.

If any of my readers has a clue on color symbolism, aura analysis, or has chakra chops of some sort, I’d love some perspective. What I’ve read seems positive enough about this color. Having hit some setbacks, random boredom and low traction on some other hobbies, I’m hoping it is leading me to lightness.

3 thoughts on “Orange obsession

  1. This is funny to me because I have an aversion to orange clothing. I’m pale, as are my sons, and we look horrible in orange. (That doesn’t stop my eldest from wearing a bright orange Broncos jersey.) I do, however, love orange “out in the wild,” and think it’s a positive thing that you’re finding orange wherever you look.


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