My grandfather was here

Over 16,000 years ago a glacier retreat left behind a rocky landscape in southern New England. Then roughened rocks were smoothed by forces of water, debris and other weathering influences.

I am drawn by the beauty of these rocks. The sculptural elements mesmerize. The sun’s rays make a warm seat with no cushion. The river flowing is the soundtrack for meditation.

There is comfort in the sight of things that were here before us and will remain long after. It gives perspective in turbulent times. Our relatives lived through dreadful diseases, world wars, poverty and hunger.

The hope is that fresh minds will bring a kinder and more equitable world order. Much depends on the values we pass on. Our children will run the world long after we are gone. Rocks can be smoothed after a glacial assault.

Image by Gerhard Gellinger on Pixabay.

Not the center of the universe

I never had the experience of being the center of the universe. Lessons appeared frequently to reinforce that, and still do.

When I was 10, my father forgot me at church. With a handful of kids packed in a station wagon, that’s no surprise. I walked outside after having a cookie and punch, and looked up and down the street for the car. Nowhere to be found.

I didn’t panic. I knew plenty of people were still in the church. All were good friends of ours. It was a lovely day, and I just waited until my family got home and realized something was amiss. Sure enough, about 30 minutes later my dad showed up. A quick apology and we were on our way.

I don’t remember having any nightmares about this. It just reinforced the lesson from my youth that the world never did, and never would, revolve around me.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay