joan-head-shotFlanneland is Joan Mocco’s creation. The content is a personal stream of thoughts to flow into the larger human experience. Fellow bloggers share their day-to-day lives and weave poetry, short stories and art into their offerings. Blogging began as an adventure for me, and has given back more to me than I’ve given in to the collective. I’ve been criticized for being vulnerable, yet I’ve been encouraged by the kindest human beings that could be met.

The Flanneland concept is that we each have soft places in our minds that we can go to for comfort. I share where I go by drawing on childhood memories and other experiences. A writer, a wannabe illustrator and an observer, I hope to make you think, laugh, cry and feel a connection with another in this life’s journey.

I live in South Florida with my boyfriend, and have two daughters in their early 20s. Working as a corporate marketer I balance my world by writing stories and poems about fashion pieces in the closet, dog psychology, bus rides and flip flops. Most topics are not off limits.

The drawing is a bigger challenge for me, and I hope to pick up speed. Perhaps the rigors of my corporate experience have boldly compelled me to be extremely personal in my delivery. I’ve chosen the imperfectly drawn pictures I do to supplement the writing. Please bear with me as I hope to improve!

For readers who would prefer their communication with me not to be public, I can be reached by email at jhmocco@aol.com. Please don’t use this for unsolicited pitches to purchase goods and services.

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