Palm Fronds Falling

palm-frondI’m always surprised when I hear one of these go “thud” on the ground. And I’m grateful that I wasn’t walking under the tree when it did fall.

If a little closer to Halloween, it would make quite a neat witch’s broom. Check out the deep chestnut color of the base of this frond. I’d like to capture that color in a drawing.

Light breezes stir up the trees, and they are pruned by nature itself. Better that this happens gradually than to have them all let loose at once during a tropical storm.

I ponder the possible uses of this tree debris. In the end I just capture it with the camera!

Lilac comfort

purple, pungent lilac
on gravesite rests
Union soldier
Gettysburg death

a young child places
the fragrant vine
our family buried you
at 25

Gettysburg raged
before you died
we know you lived
to say good-bye

Connecticut boy
lived on these grounds
sweet lilac must have been
full ’round

Memorial day
the tribute we show
are the lilacs, we hope
were a comfort to know

years pass and the child
does not know this strife
sweet lilac remembers
its part in your life



Today I left Thailand
A beautiful country
Monkeys snatch water bottles
Cliffs loom high to climb
Mountains and oceans delight

Mangos ripe and
Motorbike rides to Golden Triangle
Buddhist temples
Songkran water festival and
Snorkeling in southern isles

I know these things
Through my daughter’s being

Thich Nhat Hanh teaches the mystery
Of being one with another
Who can say where one ends
And the other begins?

I felt the saltiness on our skin
And the rocks beneath our feet
Now the pause at the plane’s gate

I cry to leave Thailand
as I sit
halfway around the world.

Flip Flops

Where is the girl
Who loved the sea
And the sand between her toes?

Now she surfs the web
For storm warnings
And reads of shark attacks.

Where is the young woman
Who dreamed of love
Adventures and salty water?

She lives in the city
And has traded
Some dreams for fear.

Where is the grown woman
Who loved to sport
Her pretty, painted toenails?

She tells her daughters
To wear sunscreen and count life jackets
Before boarding boats.

The sandals she once wore
Give her blisters between her toes.

Wheels to the people


Place to go
Way to flow
Chariot ride with tires below

See the man
Books in orange bag I see

Pillow filled
Clothes she clings
Family well loved she brings

Soldier dressed
Camo decked
Back to training he reflects

20’s girl
College shirt
Test tomorrow, better work

Dreadlocked man
Sleeping leans
On one who’s asleep in dreams

Tourette, smells
Homeless man
Sold insurance, was his plan

Mother comes
One man moves
Making room, an unsaid rule

Early bus
The free man
Stretching feet in newness stands

Peanut sack
Georgia shack
Plans to leave and then come back

On the bus
People crammed
Passage to the promised land.